Many years ago someone gave me a book for people to write comments in. These are all quotes from that Comment Book I left open at performances for a year or so. I'm not sure why I stopped, one more thing to carry or just deal with, I guess. But it opens a little window on the music, and the life.

These are a few of the simple words of the people who stopped to listen. I have often read them when I grew tired of the life I live as a Bard, for they remind me of the reason I do this, the people I play for, and the gift my music can be for them. They represent the many more kind comments I got from so many people, most of whom never wrote in that book when it was there or after it was gone. I think these comments say more than any number of recommendations or good reviews, and they mean a lot to me. Thank you, these words and so many more like them have helped me keep on through the long years.

"I'm 17, been around the world and back, thought I had seen every beautiful sight there is, quess I was wrong. You guys are beyond words."

"The personality and views strengthen your talents, honest words from a fellow musician."

"Your music is so beautiful! I could listen to it all day."

"Thanks for being here, you're a great musician! You have made my life!"

"Love your music!! Thanks for being what many of us wish we were"

"To the most original musician I have ever met. Keep on playing with all the love in the world."

"Hot Damn! Lovin It! Lovin It!"

"Your beautiful music really courted my soul. Would like to get together and play someday. Stay beautiful!"

"Your soul is beautiful. There is so much love around you and your music"

"Music is one of the most beautiful magics. You can relate to it and feel the love behind it. Thank you so much for just sitting here and playing. Some music is so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes - Yours is one of them. Stay the free soul you are."

"It was a birthday I'll never forget. A pleasure having you around. Nugget creek and neighborhood welcomes you back anytime."

"Thank you much for playing at our house. It has been a highlight!! Not for a long time has the dancefloor been swinging the way it has been when you have been performing..."

"You guys are great! I've never heard anything like it. Good Luck!"

"Keep it up! You're Hot!"

"Thank you for sharing your music and beautiful loving energy!"

Thank you for sharing your soul. Your music has a way of enveloping my being. Peace..."

"Truly delightful music."

"You can play in our kitchen anytime!"

"Brings back wonderful memories. Terrific!"

"Fantastic music and great attitude! Hope I'll see you in Berlin!"

"Love the music and the happy rythums. Got an old creaky back porch that my banjo can't shake enough by itself (old kitchen, too!)"

"Pure Beauty!"