The Music Videos

These are the first pure music videos. In making the Video Tour Journals available, I realized there was one thing missing, you never really see me play a song. So I am doing that here. These are Performance Videos". I haven't added any extra images or dance routines, they are just the performance of an entire song, selected out of the accumulated documentary footage, with logos or logoscreens added to frame the clip. These are not even selected exceptional performances, but are just what I normally do. I was just looking for the first complete songs I could find without some serious audio or visual problem. The first one was a recent performance, then I decided that it was more appropriate to use ones from the same year as the VTJs, one's you see moments of already.

Maybe I'll have a chance to do music videos, taking one of my songs and illustrating it with images and/or performance footage. I hope I'll be able to at least find some more technically passable performances. But I don't have time for that right now. All I want to do now is fill this lack in the tour journals, and let you just watch me play a whole song if you would like to.

These were uploaded to google video when it came out, and you had to provide multiple codecs and sizes. With the merge with U-Tube, google video has converted to the Flash format. Some codecs recompressed well, others didn't. The specs below reflect the original uploaded files, though I think at this point output will be flash, one or the other might have better quality. I'll have to check and possibly re-upload the files in the most compatable format for conversion to Flash, and update this page with the results.

The videos appear on my YouTube Channel both as part of the AK2K Playlist and in the Live Performance Playlist
Or from the direct links below

"She'll Always Be Beautiful To Me" - Original
Live at Mead's Coffeehouse
Wasilla, Alaska - July 27, 2000

"Greenland Away"- Traditional New England Whaling Ballad
in the Plaza Gazebo at the Tanana Valley State Fair
Fairbanks, Alaska - August 2005

"Smile For Me, Jenny" - Original
in the kitchen of the Reakoff cabin
Wiseman, Alaska - August 2000