Hello! I'm glad you're interested in becoming a Patron of the Arts, a Patron of the Artists, and specifically, a Patron of this artist! This is my personal invitation to join as my Patron and what I invision for this program. This is a new idea for supporting Artists, and is made to be flexible and evolving, and to be crafted by each artist individually.

Here's an introduction to the basic concepts, ideas, plans for the Patrons of the Artists program

My life is a pretty interesting collage, a lot more than I could hope tell you about right here, and that's what my Homesite is for. It's a pretty well illustrated and extensive collection describing me, my life and philosophy, my music, instruments, recordings, plans and projects, with an additional ARCHIVE section full of tour stories that show pretty clearly what I do. I also post the (relatively) latest news and future plans and a page of links to whatever music and/or video I have posted on-line.

This is the initial stage of a new model of artist support, so I am still experimenting with the details. My plan is to provide my Patrons with a complementary copy of any studio production CD that is released for distribution to the public. In addition, my Patrons will get one or more CDRs and/or DVDs of "unreleased" material: tracks from live performances and jam sessions, new songs I've just written, studio "work in progress", and anything I produce that might be of interest during the year. I record a lot of audio and video material that is never produced for the public. I'm also planning to work on reviewing old VHS footage and recordings I have as well, which may or may not be released to the public, but might inteest people specifically interested in me and my music. Generally, I'll try to make complementary copies for my Patrons reflecting what I am working on behind the scenes, or events like schoolshows and other events that don;t make it into publically released productins. Though I am often out of touch, or just too busy on tour, I'd like to try keeping my Patrons updated on the latest news and events with some sort of newsletter, though present technology leans towards a public blog instead. With my new host, there is the potential to create a password protected ara of the website, a "Patron's private loung", where I can post material temporarily that might be of interest but I don;t want let out to the public, like studio takes. I can imaging asking for feedback from my Patrons on various takes or mixes and arrangements by posting them to the Patron's lounge for comment. There will also be times of the year where I might be able to post studio clips almost daily as work progresses, inviting comments and suggestions, feedback on different takes and versions as they evolve. I'd also be open to special requests or suggestions from my Patrons, general or specific. Other possibilities are discounts for multiple gift subscriptions and/or copies of CDs available to patrons, and discount, backstage, or free passes to performances. It is my hope that the dependable support of my Patrons will give me the ability to record and produce a steady stream of audio and video material. I intend to show my sincere thanks by giving my Patrons a lot in return for their support of that work, in whatever form I can. I feel confident that whatever I do, my efforts will meet with your approval. I want my Patrons to feel that they are foremost supporting my sincere efforts to do as much as I can with the music, not buying products though a subscription.
This is an ongoing story, and each year doesn't have to be the same as the last, we'll all be seeing where it goes. I hope to involve you in the process, previewing and commenting on alternative versions and mixes, making suggestions for things to do and places to go, ideas and specifics for performing, recording, or teaching, or anything that might make good use of my talents, skills, knowledge, or experiences.

In previous years, in addition to sending the "Folksinger" CD to those who didn't already have one, I sent my Patrons a CDR with roughmixes of a couple new originals, and new versions of originals from the old "Gypsy Road" CD; though mostly it was a "Jam at Joe's" Cd, never released to the public, where Joe and I were cutting loose on sme blues to relieve the tension, in between recording rhythm and lead guitar tracks for the upcoming CD. This is also a CD where I don't play any dulcimer, to settle the often asked question of whether I play other instruments! I also sent out a VHS tape with the Video Tour Journal "AK2K" with 17 short 3 minute videos originally intended for web-streaming. These are now available on the internet, years after they were made, but my Patrons got them in the meantime.

I want to say again that I want all my Patrons to understand that they are foremost supporting my work as an artist, serving the people of the world, not just getting whatever material things I can produce. It's possible that some years I may not be able to produce as much, because I am doing too much that doesn't allow time for or result in production work, at least immediately. There might be years where I can produce nothing at all except a report of what I have been doing. A look through the tour journals in the ARCHIVE will show you that I do a lot more with my music than just recordings. You'll be supporting my volunteer work in the schools and senior centers, which I sometimes have to forgo simply because I can't afford the gas money. You'll be supporting my efforts to keep developing the electric dulcimer. You'll be supporting this website. You'll be supporting my efforts to document my music and this life I live following the music. You'll be supporting the music, and that life, everywhere I play and everywhere I go. There's also the efforts I make to help other artists to be heard, to make art happen no matter what artist it flows through, and be a contributing member to the artist community, and the world at large. I have a lot of different projects and directions in the works, and I welcome your input as to which you think are the best, and even your personal involvement in them. I want you to really understand that as my Patron, you are involved in making these things happen, and you share the credit for whatever I do. I am quite dedicated to serving the people with my talent, skill, and experience in as many ways as I can, while serving the gift I have been given in the music, and you will be supporting and even guiding my efforts. Even I don't know where my road will lead, but you are welcome to come along for the ride, and be part of this effort.

On behalf of myself and all the people who benefit from my efforts,
Thank you very much


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