(Brian Clauss, Folksinger)

Burn With A Fire

A Wanderer in Mountains
A Singer On The Street
Sheltered by a Friend
Good Vibrations
Gatherin In
Givin Out
Singing from the Source
Joinin with the Force
Touchin Ground
Ground to Earth
Fly with the Wind
Run with the Water
Burn with a Fire

Givin and Recievin
Harmony and Dissonance

A Quiet spot to break my bread
a warm place to make my bed
and the Road ahead

(Anonymous Lady)

An Angel-Instigated Poem

I met an angel on the street today
This hammered dulcimer player...
Oh man, I just closed my eyes there on that
crazy city sidewalk
and let this angel carry me off into the
heaven of my mind
and I wasn't sitting on that sidewalk anymore
and I wasn't in Tucson anymore
He brought the mountains and the stars and the rivers to me
here in this damned city
since I can't be in those places just now
seems like I'd nearly forgotten to remember how
brightly those stars can shine in those magic
mountain night times skies
so pure like those notes that flashed out of
his beautiful traveled dulcimer
Music like rivers pouring down from those
places I so much long to be again...
I could have ridden that meditation forever
but who can hold a rainbow
and who can slow an angel's wings
He just came here to play his most holy song
share his light and fly on, fly on

(Mark Viquesney, Tempe, AZ)

To The Street Musician

Hammers in hand
dog at his side
magic melodies from within
sixty-four strings, many notes
fast then slow
a grin, a nod, a wink
passerbys stop; wonder
what makes the beautiful music?
Who sing, who speaks?
Liberty, freedom
a new culture
the old is dust in the wind
Always there, somewhere
Around here, home nowhere
yet everywhere
Friends not many
but everyone
Never in need
the music provides
it takes a slice of life
gives more than it takes
Asparkle in the eye
a smile, a laugh
no one sad
when the music is there
everyone glad
wood and metal vibrate
first slow then fast
A nameless soul
in a nameless world
A light that shines
A guide, a teacher
Points to a new dawn
The new age of enlightenment
Everyone follows
whether they know it or not
Time goes on
Thirteen years have passed
Where is your home?
your family and friends?
Your home is where your dulcimer is
Your family is the country
and your friends are everyone.
Oh, where have you gone?
The seas, the heavens, the trees
You have been everywhere
Tales you tell
What will you do now?
Do you dream the American dream?
is the music your power, your voice?
I cannot tell
where do I go, will you take me,
teach me,
as you have taught others?
or will I find a lesson from you,
out of the sky, from the notes
as your hammers fall
blurred by motion, and then seen
seen by the eye as all motion stops
A friendly smile, a wave
strangers are now your friends
To stop, listen to an instrument
that is old yet never heard
Beat up, rusty nails, broken strings
warped wood that love has made
Love of music, a message to all
music of the culture, a new age
Hammers fall, hammers in hand.