One of the guiding principles of my life has been to give all I can and ask for nothing. I feel I am here to play for everyone, and I try to. I play for the people and the people support me and I don't worry exactly who is paying for what. The places that pay me to play are supporting the places that can't. I try to take my music everywhere and play for anyone, anytime. I draw a line at playing for people and places that can pay, and pay others, but don't want to pay me because they think they can get me to play for free, which is not the deal.

Practically, I use a voluntary sliding scale, so some people pay more and some people pay less and many more people are able to have me play at their place or event. When I started recording and distributing the tapes, then the CDs, I still continued on a donation basis, letting people pay what they could beyond the production costs of the tape or CD. I still try to sign each one, as a personal encounter with the artist.

It is directly from the people I get the power to accomplish things. The music, and this site, are paid for primarily by unsolicited contributions, tips, and for years mostly from the people who stopped to listen to me on the street. I am truly a publically-supported artist, a reflection of public interest and encouragement. People like what they hear, and want to hear more, and it is their power, and their numbers, that have made it happen, still make it happen. Support has come in many froms, from a suggestion on where to play, a place to stay, a smile in passing, and always, from people's sincere response to the music I played and the songs I sang, their encouragment and thanks, even their tears.

Even as I try to push beyond what I can accomplish simply and personally, "doing more with the music" by connecting with the music business more, maybe using an agent, I want to maintain these principles I have lived by, and played by, for so long. I try to remember always that I am here to play for the people, and venues and organizers, officials and authorities, are either a help or a hinderance to that end. I have made my music available to more people through the web from the beginning, as well, and hope to create a community of fans I can provide a continuous stream of information, audio, and video for, as well as get feedback on the process.

If you wish to help out by arranging or suggesting places to play, by inviting me to play at your place for whoever you want to have there, or offering me a place to stop and visit or jam and record with other musicians between shows, or with just your thanks and encouragement, please feel free. I am at your service.