A Statement of Principles

The News: Recent and current events, future plans, and reports on works in progress

The Music:
Streamed or downloadable tracks are available world-wide on most digital services as "Folksinger" or "Brian the Folksinger"

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Distribution by The Orchard, the leading digital distributor: as "Folksinger"

NoWhere Radio: Where Independent music and musicians can still be found
Also hosts subscriptions through the "Patrons of the Artist" system and ordering of on-demand CDs (search "Folksinger")
Whole Wheat Radio: "independent music for independent minds" webcast from the Alaskan Interior

RECORDINGS - information on CDs, past and present, including placing ORDERS
PATRONS of the ARTIST - How to support Brian's work by becoming a Patron
COMMENTS -what people have written about my music and the experience of seeing and hearing me play.
PROMO - promotional material

Education: an Artist in the Schools:
EDU - detailed information on my educational programs
ALASKA AIS - specific information on my Alaska schedule for Alaskan educators

The Man:
BIO - a practical simple biography
BRIAN - a personal statement and history
THE PERSONAL PAGES - It is not private, just personal, begun for friends who wonder where I'm at these days.
TRAVELING ON THE WAY - A Folksinger's philosophy

The Life:
THE VIDEO TOUR JOURNALS - A directory with descriptions and links to a series of video tour journals I did for the web in 2000, with three complete songs, now finally available on the internet at Google Video

THE ARCHIVE - collected stories and photos from my yearly tours, 1997 to now. Some of the events, travels and adventures from a life of routine extremes out on the edge of the bell curve.

The Hammered Dulcimer:
DULCIMER - an explaination and history of the hammered dulcimer
DULCIBUILDER - A dulcimer-builder's story
BUILDING AN ACOUSTIC DULCIMER - plans and instructions for making a basic acoustic hammered dulcimer
THE ELECTRIC DULCIMER - the story of the electric dulcimer
ELECTRIC DULCIBUILDING - a clearinghouse for those interested in building electric dulcimers
PICKUPS - using, designing, and building pickups for the hammered dulcimer
THE PICKUP WINDER - how I designed and built a winding machine for making coil-type pickups
THE COIL PICKUPS - A continuing progress report on designing and building wound pickups for the dulcimer

Contact Me:
Brian the Folksinger - options for getting in touch

Links and Rings:

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