People have always told me I should record. One person said that they wished they could hear me more than once, since they might never see me again. It is true that I have travelled far and often never returned to a place again. So I made a couple of tapes over the years. Then someone said, "it isn't that you should make a record, Brian, it's that you should leave a record." Those words stuck with me. So many people told me and asked me to "do more" with my music. Till I decided that I should, and make recording as much a part of my musical efforts as performing.

In 1996 I made my first CDs, one of traditional American folksongs and another of original songs, even though I play mostly modern music and don't often perform originals ( I often play mostly requests, so I usually only play originals when people request originals). More important at the time was I didn't have to play liscencing fees for these songs, so it made that first effort more affordable. My experience in the studio made me decide to set up my own digital recording system, and record and produce my own recordings.
The old CDs were a beginning, and I know they they didn't represent my best, just a studio snapshot, but they were good enough for a start. They were the result of a few hours in a studio, and it meant I had something for people during the six years it took me to assemble my own studio and finish the first self-produced CD. The first new CD is done, and I'm no longer reproducing the older ones, and when the last is gone they will be out of print. Though I plan to record new CDs of traditional and original music, including many of the same songs.
Keep up with my announcements (BB) page for progress reports on recording. Recordings are available in person on a donation basis, otherwise, there's a page with information on placing ORDERS. You can also recieve copies of production CDs and unreleased recordings and video by subscribing as a Patron of the Artist member at my site at Nowhere Radio, where I also post tracks available on-line. I'll generally accept any contributions and consider all offers to help me with my recording efforts.

Please continue on to each CD's individual page for a complete list of tracks and descriptions of the songs, liner notes and lyrics.
Sample clips from recent CDs and full length tracks from older ones are available on the Music Page

Its done, after 6 years of researching and buying the equipment, learning to use it, and a couple serious recording sessions "somewhere in Montana" while playing the street to pay for it all and my continuing annual extreme routine of travelling from Florida to Alaska singing, teaching, visiting friends, and walking (or sailing) about. I haven't tried to make some stellar CD my first time, but just do do something simple and good, the first in a long series. It is basically a mellow acoustic folkmusic CD, with the dulcimer naturally supporting the songs, not trying to stand out any more than a guitar or a piano would. It is intended to be a CD of folksongs, not dulcimer music. The CD contains a mix songs in my normal live sound of solo voice and dulcimer with songs using additional instruments, mostly nylon-stringed guitar, in keeping with the basic simple folk sound of the CD.

contains all traditional American folkmusic from the 1700's to 1900, reflecting different aspects of American culture with old English and Celtic ballads, sailor's songs, railroad songs, cowboy songs, settler's songs, and early blues. It is primarily vocal, though it contains a couple of instrumentals. This is my usual live sound, hammered dulcimer and voice, recorded essentially live in a studio, most cuts were the first take. There are still a few hundred left, after that it will be gone, and I'll replace it with a new CD of traditional American folkmusic, though it will probably have many of the same songs, but re-recorded with my own gear and the new dulcimer.

GYPSY ROAD out of print-out of stock
contains all original music, from some of my earliest to the latest. It is primarily vocal, with a couple instrumentals. However, on a third of the songs I accompany myself with the guitar instead of the dulcimer, reflecting the way I write songs, and that I am a singer, though I play the dulcimer, and in my own music piano and guitar is as important and natural as the dulcimer. While this is out of print and sold out long ago, its successor will be one of the next new CDs I will put out, and will include new recordings and arrangements of a number of songs from this CD, along with newer originals. Stay tuned!