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An American Folksinger

over 35 years singing Folk, Rock, Reggae, Jazz, Blues,
Bluegrass, Country, Western, Celtic, Appalachian, Americana
and more
Traditional and Modern, Originals and Standards


Booking - Promotion - Publicity

I recently made the decision to "do more" with my music, seeking to play at a wider variety of venues, for more people, and working with promoters and producers for the first time. I welcome anyone who is interested in having me play anywhere, and as my

details, I still will try to continue to be available to everyone.

This page lists the information and resources for booking, promoting, and publicizing in a clear and simple format, with direct links to specific resources within my extensive website.


for more information or to make specific arrangements.

Though I maintain the highest standards of craftmanship and professionalism
I still maintain a personal and informal attitude
please call me "Brian"

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Introduction, Bio, and Press Release

a brief personal introduction to my music and my life in music
A simple historical biography of my life
A short description suitable for a press release or program guide.

The 5 Octave, Solid-body, Electric Hammered Dulcimer

I produced a video, "Introducting The Electric Hammered Dulcimer", showing what I did to and with the traditional hammered dulcimer, developing both a modern style of playing and the 5 octave electric solid-body. I made a full 10 minute version, then cut it down to a 7.5 minute version and a 5 minute version, with progressively less background, details, and demonstration. They are available both within my webjournal as downloadable files and on YouTube as smaller-sized screen streaming versions.

Full length, ten minute version: 1st Cutting, 7.5 minute version: Final cutting, 5 minute version: Not complete
Music and Video

Sample clips from the most recent recordings and full tracks from older ones
which includes an "Audio File" category listing all music clips, and a "Music" category, listing all videos of performances introduced in the journals. Individual tour video journals often contain many clips of me performing at various places.
Many of the performance videos are duplicated on my , and can be found on the
A simple listing of performance videos available in the webjournal or on youtube, ranging from Alaska in 2000 to the present.
from the 2000 Alaska, "AK2K", contains many clips of me performing at various fairs and venues, and are available on , and episodes 11 through 18 are duplicated on a .
Full tracks of my music is available from most digital download services
Headshots and portraits

A selection of headshots and portraits of me and the dulcimer suitable for either web use or printing

News and Schedules

for ongoing events and short news flashes, and a tour calendar when available
for my general schedule and news reports

Reviews, Recomendations, and Responses

I have not tried to collect reviews or recomendations, though I suppose I will as time goes on. I have collected a few, and more important to me, a collection of responses from the audience, written in an open comment book left out at performances, and also poems and even drawings and paintings, inpired by my music.

The official reviews, still uncollected as yet, so an empty page so far!
I gathered these mostly for my educational programs, though I did get one from the Alaska State Fair
These are cool, I have read them at times when I wondered why I live this life
Interestingly enough, people also responded by writing poems about me, as well as drawings and paintings.
by Mik Chansrakaewartist portraitperformance photoby Maria Matveeva


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